Todd Cohen's June Sales Culture Newsletter

You Are Not Entitled!

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Recently I was teaching one of my Sales Culture workshops and a student asked me “what is the worst thing a sales professional can do”? The answer in my mind was an easy one and did not require much contemplation on my part.

The worst thing a sales professional can do is act entitled. It’s that simple. In fact I believe that a basic requirement to achieve the status of great sales professional is to rise above all feelings of entitlement.

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Good Selling!


Are You Motivating Your Stakeholders?

Selling is dependent upon all decision-makers who must agree on the value of what you are selling. Understanding this and identifying all of those stakeholders are critical to being able to satisfy their needs to recognize the value of your products and services. When you meet their needs, they can appreciate the value that you bring and then decide to acquire that value through your products and services.

This dependency also happens internally in an organization. Sales people help everyone in the company work together to deliver value to customers as well as to the company that you jointly serve.

All who are involved in these decisions are your stakeholders as a sales professional. Recognizing them early in the sales process is essential to sales success.

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