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Todd Cohen's May 2014 Sales Culture Newsletter
Dear <<First Name>>,

Thanks for reading today! In this edition of my Sales Culture Newsletter, I am offering up two opinions that I think will resonate with all of you. The first is all about the conference call! We all have to be on them or lead them, and today’s lead article is all about ways (25 to be exact) you can make the conference call more productive and build sales culture at the same time! Then I have a few thoughts on ways to get a prospect to respond - one who has gone silent on you. In today’s ridiculously over-connected world, this is very common, and it’s important to assume positive intent on the part of the person you are trying to connect with. In this article, I am suggesting one way that worked for me. I know you have others, so SHARE them with the Sales Culture community in the comment section on my blog. I for one would love to hear how you "get through."

Have a great July and Good Selling!

– Todd
25 Ways to Make Conference Calls Work!

Every so often, I am reminded of my days in "Corporate America" when I was asked to lead a conference call. I usually had a dual thought... "Ugh"... AND "I can get work done at the same time." I suspect that I am not alone in that reaction. But recently, I was asked to create a workshop and webinar around conference calling etiquette, and it was actually fun to do. I thought about what makes conference calls productive and how we use them as one way to sell – to each other and to our prospects and clients. Accordingly, I have grouped conference call behaviors into three categories, all anchored around the key concept that we are all in sales. Listen, I don’t think there is anything new and earth shattering here, but I hope you enjoy it just the same. Read more.
Todd Cohen
Todd Cohen
Todd Cohen's speaking and consulting firm focuses on growing sales through Sales Culture. Click here to book Todd for your next meeting or event.
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