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Do You Have RP?

Dear <<First Name>>,

How much time do you think about the value of your business relationships? Are they as strong as you think? Are you truly able to leverage your business relationships throughout your sales career? In other words, do you have "RP" or "relationship portability"?

A great sales culture is made of sales professionals. One key differentiating factor that separates sales professionals from sales reps is the ability to cultivate long term relationships AND continually grow them. They also know that those relationships will stay with them as careers and jobs change over time.

Another way to think of this is: are your relationships "platform neutral"?

The ultimate question is this: can you leverage your exiting relationships to act as a part of your virtual sales team even if they are not directly capable or have the ability or need to buy from you as they have done in the past?

What is your relationship portability index or your RPi? Think about this! In my next newsletter I'll show you how. In the meantime, check out my blog post on RP here.

Good Selling!


Never Sell Alone

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In my last newsletter I let you know that my new book, Never Sell Alone, is due out this Spring. Thank you for the overwhelming response! I'm pleased to invite you to sign up for an advance copy and get on the invite list for my book release party.

In the book I'll be covering such critical topics as:

-What is Sales Culture?
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-How to build your Sales Culture.

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From the Blog

Good Sales Karma

At this the time of year when everyone is pretending to THE single answer to your sales challenges, I wanted to focus in on some essentials. It reminded me of a blog entry I wrote a while back about Sales Karma.

"Do you believe in good "sales karma”? I do. I am firm believer in the old adage “what goes around comes around”. I am writing this blog to the sales community today as a bit of a wake up call for us all. I just had an interesting conversation with a former colleague who was very excited about a deal that just closed! As she told me more and more about the deal and its structure , it was apparent to me that shortcuts had been taken and she was looking only at this one deal."

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At a recent Sales Culture workshop

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