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Todd Cohen's July 2015 Sales Culture Newsletter
Dear <<First Name>>,

The long days of summer are upon us, and with August heat usually comes vacation and time to chill out. For many, it still means work and a way to stay up and motivated as we begin the stretch to the final quarter of the year. It's hard to believe that we will soon be talking about how to finish strong and get a head start to 2016. For now, in this month's edition of my Sales Culture Newsletter, I offer a few things to think about. First, a few months ago, we talked about momentum, and I want you to enjoy this video on how to keep and maintain your momentum. Next, as many of you know, I hate sales clichés, so I hope you enjoy my lighthearted article on "7 Career and Sale-Killing Clichés." Finally, a few quick thoughts on the value of skepticism. Yes, for my more eagle-eyed readers, it's a repeat — AND one worth reading again. Dealing with a skeptic has kept me sharp and focused, as well as been a BIG factor in keeping my closure rate high.

I am excited also to bring you my brand-new website, with new branding and a NEW MEMBERSHIP site that offers you the best in access for up-to-date and current sales culture content and value! Stay tuned.

As always,

Good Selling!

– Todd

My Top Seven Career and Sale-Killing Clichés

I hate sales clichés! I have always really had an aversion to them — and for good reason. They lack any real value and in the end say nothing. They are just words that have been so overused that no one listens. They get lost, and I believe that they can inhibit sales and our own development because they are empty, worthless and actually have an opposite effect to what we are trying to achieve. Read more.
Todd Cohen
Todd Cohen
Todd Cohen is a keynote speaker and the author of the Everyone's in Sales series of books on sales culture. To book Todd for your next meeting or event, go to
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