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"Lets Talk Sales Culture" on Blog Talk Radio

May 14th @ 4 p.m.

"Creating a Sales Culture in the Financial Industry"
Creating a Sales Culture is way that organizations will survive and thrive! On the next episode of my Radio Show "Let's Talk Sales Culture" on BlogTalk Radio, my guest will be Michael Hughes, a long time senior executive in this vital sector.

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Why Sales People Fall Short

Top Reasons why Sales Reps don't close the deal!

  1. Failure to ASK for the Order. (ASK! You have earned the right.)
  2. Failure to create and leverage a Virtual Team (a.k.a. your own Sales Culture)
  3. Taking a "NO" as a NO instead of  needing to "KNOW" more.
  4. Poor negotiation skills-failure to find a "win-win".
  5. A mismatch between your offering and the clients pain points.
  6. Making it about price and not about value.
  7. Not getting all the "cards on the table".
  8. Missing the BIG Picture and the client feeling under served.
  9. Not reviewing the contract early enough.
  10. Rushing the deal and not building rapport.
  11. Lack of confidence in yourself or your products.
  12. Wrong decision maker.

The good news is that as a Sales Professional you can handle all of these areas by being aware, taking your time and leveraging your Sales Culture!

Good Selling!


"Sales Rep or Sales Genius"

May 28th brings to the Philadelphia area the launch of my next Sales Culture training course.  "Sales Rep or Sales Genius" reviews the basic and advanced tactics of selling in the context of a Sales Culture. We will also cover networking skills and developing great relationships to advance your sales career.

If you are interested in participating, please email me.

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