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Todd Cohen

"Lets Talk Sales Culture" on Blog Talk Radio

Thanks for your dedicated listening as we have launched this Radio Program.  I will be taking some time off this summer and will be back in the fall with new guests talking "Sales Culture".

Take a moment and listen to my InFlight Interview to be heard on the American and Delta Airlines Audio Business Channel throughout July and August!  Produced by Sky Radio

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Todd Cohen at a recent Sales Culture Workshop

Sales is Not an "If"

The "If" does not pay the bills..

Sales is precise. We have talked in the past that what we do is an art and a science. It is a skill and it takes time to hone it to perfection. Sales is not about the "if".    Let me explain. I have been listening to different sales people lately and I seem be hearing a great deal of:

"If only the economy was better, I could have......"
"If the product was better I could.....
"If the CEO would only take my call...."
"If I could just get in front of so and so.........
"If .....and so on.

I think you get the point!  Sales is not about the "if".  It is about the "I can" and "I will".  Sales Professionals don't default to the "if" - you find the way to make it " its closed!".

Good Selling!


New Website! is Updated.

I want to invite you to take a tour of my newly updated website.  I have added new content and and take a look at Todd Cohen Talks Sales Culture, my current video.

I hope you enjoy it!

"Solid Sales Rep and Genius Sales Professional"

<<First Name>>, would you like to attend my next scheduled class: "Solid Sales Rep and Genius Sales Professional"?   Put yourself on the wait list and I will be announcing an early fall date soon!  These classes fill up quickly, so don't wait too long!

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