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Todd Cohen's August 2013 Sales Culture Newsletter
Dear <<First Name>>,

Do you know that everything we do, whether it's personal or professional, requires a target list of some sort? That's right. The more we are focused on what are doing and where we need to go to do it, the more likely we are to have significant success! This month's lead article on target lists will give you some fresh insights on building your target list so that you can achieve whatever success you're looking to as efficiently as possible.

I also posted a new blog on the subject of making it easy for someone to do business with us by not offering to many choices. I hope you enjoy this as well.

Enjoy the upcoming Labor Day holiday, and see you in September.

Good Selling!

– Todd
Video: Effective Target Lists

Todd Cohen Video August 2013
Spraying and Praying? The Art of the Target List

Every year about this time, I start hearing the same refrain from the sales community: "Where can I go?" or "I have called on everyone I know," and that starts a downward trend in performance and results. Then the inevitable starts. Salespeople of every ilk start to do the dreaded "spray and pray." In other words, proposals and sales calls happen with increasing and indiscriminate frequency in the hopes that the more that gets thrown out, the more that has to stick, right? If I keep tossing out the same template for my product or service, someone has to buy, right? The answer is yes, no, and maybe. Read more.
Todd Cohen
Todd Cohen
Todd Cohen's speaking and consulting firm focuses on growing sales through Sales Culture. Click here to book Todd for your next meeting or event.
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