Todd Cohen's July 2011 Sales Culture Newsletter
Dear <<First Name>>,

Ever been in a situation where you are not feeling connected or present? It happens to all of us and it’s an issue that we all need to be aware and mindful of. In this edition of my Sales Culture newsletter, I share my thoughts and ideas about how we can achieve more success and do better at whatever we are doing by making sure we are truly present. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Halloween and Good Selling!

– Todd

Are You "Present"?

This question has an esoteric feel to it, but I assure you it's totally real. Are you present? I don't mean are you physically present; rather, are you truly engaged with the people around you? Your ability to be present has all the power to make a huge difference between success and failure. Your ability to be present is also totally in your control. It really does not matter what you do for a living. When you are doing whatever it is that you do, are you present and available to the people around you and your clients? Read more.
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Todd Cohen
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