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March 3rd, 2009 @ 4 p.m.

"Lets Talk Sales Culture" on BlogTalk Radio. My guest will be Jerry Block, Vice President of Sales at BNYMellon.  Our topic will be  "Upselling in a Down Market"

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{( TR + C + WB) x A } PA = R

A Performance Management Equation for Selling Excellence!

Recently my client Mike Aloupis and I were talking about performance management.  Further collaboration gave rise to a simple and elegant equation that contains the characteristics of  highly successful sales professionals.  Can you name the elements? 

TR= Tools and Resources
C= Competencies
WB= Your Winning Behaviors
PA= Personal Accountability

As sales professionals you have tools and other resources available to you to be successful.  Once you understand those tools and resources required for your success, you need to develop the competencies to use them effectively in your role as a sales professional.  Combine that with the winning behaviors of  great sales professionals.  Take those three elements and multiply them with strong activity and take that entire answer and raise it to personal accountability and you have RESULTS!

Be Yourself.
Know Yourself.
Be Passionate.

Recently I hosted a panel of experts on the topic of career transition.  As the discussion was winding up, I asked them " if you had one main point you want to leave us with, what would that be"?  After a moment of thought, the first panelist answered "be yourself".  The second panelist answered "know yourself" and the third panelist answered "be passionate about what you do".

Read the rest of my thoughts at my Todd Cohen Blog.

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