Todd Cohen's July 2011 Sales Culture Newsletter
Dear <<First Name>>,

I hope you are enjoying the last days of summer! As you are reading this newsletter, I'm getting ready to visit Shanghai, China, as a guest of the Corning Corporation. I will be working with their top financial leadership in Asia to understand and implement a Sales Culture! It's a very exciting opportunity, and I am ready to go!

In this issue of my Sales Culture newsletter, I'm addressing the topic of Entitlement and Thought Leadership. I hope you enjoy both. With fall almost here, it's perhaps the most important time to think about your "line of sight to revenue." Revisit your business plan, and make sure your activities align with how you will hit the number!

Finally, I want to invite you to join my interactive group forum on LinkedIn, "Everyone's in Sales." It is a place for us all to share and debate the sales topics of the day!

Until September,

Good Selling!

– Todd
8 Rules of Engagement for the Entitled Sales Rep

Let me say this right up front: The enemy of the salesperson is not a bad economy, an ineffective manager, or a less-than-optimal product. Although none of these are good things per se, the mortal enemy of the salesperson is having a sense of entitlement. So, how do you handle the sales reps who come to you demanding more and expecting you to come through? In this article, I share my eight rules of engagement for the entitled sales rep. Read more.
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Todd Cohen
Todd Cohen
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