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<<First Name>>, here are some Sales Culture and other Networking events happening soon!

Todd Cohen

"Lets Talk Sales Culture" on Blog Talk Radio Returns in 2010.

My upcoming book on Sales Culture "Never Sell Alone" is closing in on being complete!  Look for a Spring 2010 release date.

The Innovators Club is set for November 10th.  RSVP here.

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"Sales" is Not a 5 Letter Word!

We all do it.

<<First Name>>, Shhhh, don't let anyone hear me tell you this, but  you are IN sales!  It's OK, don't panic. Take a few deep breaths.  Its true. Whether you are employed or in a career transition - eveything is about sales and to further the point its about client centricity.

Intriguing  is when people think that sales is a "5 letter word".  In my work lecturing and training with companies to build their Sales Culture, the one consistent thing is that when we show people how much of what they do has a selling component to it, its easy to see how we all sell.  It's exciting to then understand how your role in a sales campaign enhances your ability to impact the bottom line and increase your professional security.  In other words, when you help a sales campaign to be transparent to all in an organization, you are selling and you are on the "A" team.

Sales is not a five letter word. It's an eight letter word and that word is "security".

Let me know what you think on my blog entry on this topic.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.


More Sales Culture Workshops  are Coming for 2010!

Sold Out for 2009.  Thank you for your support!

<<First Name>>, my Sales Culture Workshops are sold out for 2009.  I am  planning my 2010 schedule which will include open classes and webinars.  If you are interested in taking part and making 2010 your best year, let us know.  My workshops are filled with people of all professions.  Invest in and increase your security by being involved with the selling process.  Don't be on the outside looking in!

Click here to send me a message that you are interested in my 2010 Sales Culture Schedule!

Another  Sales Quote by Todd:

"You can't intellectualize yourself to sales success"

Todd speaking at a recent training seminar

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