Sky Net Radio Interview

Todd Cohen was recently interviewed by SkyNet Radio about building effective Sales Culture. Listen here online or in the air this summer on Delta and American Airlines flights.

The Sales Success Triad

The Sales Success Triad describes an innovative and comprehensive approach approach to building a culture of sales within your organization. Listen to Todd describe how you can apply the Sales Success Triad.

Communicating Obsessively

Setting expectations and knowing when to push for a sale, as well as countless other milestones all rely on one thing: communicating obsessively!

Sales is An Art

All too often, Sales Professionals get the short end of the stick or is “just a job” to many salespeople. Todd argues that sales is an art form, worthy of study and excellence!

The Value Proposition

Sales Leaders often focus on the logistics of the sales process. In this episode, Todd reminds us that it’s the value proposition you are presenting to the client that will make or break a sale.

Does No Really Mean No?

This happens all too often – a sales person reacts negative to the word “no” from the client. Todd argues that “no” really doesn’t always mean “no!” Instead it’s an opportunity.

Talking Sales with Todd Cohen, Pt 1

Part one of the exciting podcast series focuses on the nitty gritty of successful sales performance: the strategies, tactics, and underlying principles of disciplined sales success.

Talking Sales with Todd Cohen, Pt 2

Continuing our survey of essential sales skills, Sales Leader Todd Cohen delves deeper into the qualities of sales leaders and how you can motivate your team.

Great Sales Leaders

Great Sales Leaders are a rare breed. In this podcast episode, Todd describes the qualities of GREAT sales leaders.

Working in Virtual Teams

With a new, flat world working in virtual teams is as common in the corporate world as blackberries and video conferencing. Todd helps define how to be successful in managing and motiving virtual teams.