“The Power of Presence !” A Virtual Presentation for ALL Dental Professionals!


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What's Included?

MORE Case Acceptance. INCREASED Patient Retention. ENHANCED Professional Reputation.

An MORE Profitable and Efficient Practice.

Every time we interact with someone, and before the first word is spoken – a critical judgment is made about YOU.

In a split second, a decision has been made about whether you have credibility, value and how you will impact the lives and health of those around you.

A decision is made instantly about whether that patient will have a positive experience, invest in their dental health and return.  Do you want to influence that decision? You bet you do AND after experiencing this Virtual Presentation you will be able to do just that.

In this engaging Virtual Presentation, each participant will learn the silent tool of influence that we use every day

Learning Objectives include:

  1. The Definition and Power of  Presence!
  2. The Role and Impact of EVERY conversation and interaction you have
  3. How YOU can completely control how others “see” you
  4. The NINE D.S.P.I. –Dental  Sales Presence Indicators
  5. How Presence leads to MORE Case Acceptance, GREATER Patient Retention and SUPERIOR Career Enhancement

One you have completed this Virtual Presentation, you will receive ONE Continuing Education Credit (CE)!