"Todd did an exceptional job in stirring our people, energizing the team, and what I call "rattling their noodles" (meaning forcing them to think in different ways). Several factors contributed to his excellence: Todd went over and above to understand our culture, people, and context of the meeting. This brought immediate credibility from a skeptical crew. Todd's delivery style is impossible to teach to someone else. He exudes confidence, optimism, and wisdom in a high paced, rapid fire manner that commands attention. Todd incorporated both fictional and non-fiction stories as cases to illustrate and illuminate his major points. Todd let his talent carry the day, only using slides for reference. You never got that feeling that he was talking about "something else." He believes and has lived his message and he delivers with an infectious and engaging sense of humor. We are a "seasoned" group, and getting them emotionally bought in is no easy task. His down to earth comedy generated full-belly laughter."

Neil Bryant, Vice President, Sales Development, Carestream Health, Inc.