6-Week Focus on Results

Guess what? Six selling weeks left in 2010 and many dollars of revenue to be realized! In a conversation with a client I offered to him the three things you should do to keep a razor-sharp focus on your sales so you meet and exceed your 2010 goals – and set up for a STRONG 2011 start. Here they are:

  1. HOW will you make your numbers? How are you going to achieve your goals? If you cannot state with conviction the HOW of your activity for the next 6 weeks, you will be left holding the bag and still thinking “Gee, I thought it was going to close” or “It felt like a good connection…” You get the point.
  2. WHERE will you spend your time and focus your energies? In other words, are you putting your valuable and considerable skills WHERE they belong? Is your WHERE getting you to your HOW?
  3. WHY are you pursuing that deal versus this deal, and so forth? Are you chasing the right business and business that can be closed this year?

That’s it – simple and direct. If you KNOW your HOW, WHERE, and WHY, you stand a very good chance of hitting your numbers and closing 2010 out in style!

As always, Good Selling!


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