Are You a “Present” Sales Leader?

Dear Sales Community,

What kind manager and coach are you? Ok, it’s a broad question, so allow me to narrow your choices! Are you the type of coach and leader who circulates and walks among your teams and office staff? Or do you find yourselves sitting in your office, perhaps more than you should? It is a fact that coaches who are out and about and with the teams create a better team and encourage conversation and collaboration.

Recently, I visited with a local company with a sales force of nine professionals. The VP of Sales has an office, but the day when I was there, he was actually sitting at a second desk in the sales bullpen area and he was working – making calls, helping out, and doing spot coaching. He was highly visible and present. He was available to his team to help and coach and lead. I stood and watched for a while and noticed that not only wasn’t having the “boss” on the floor intimidating, but that it also created a sense of “let’s get it done.” It was fun to watch and reminded me of my selling days at Xerox, when my manager considered her office the last place she wanted to be!

I want to encourage each of you to decide what kind of leader you want to be and the tone you set. The act of being a great coach and leader is a combination of many elements – some obvious and some not so obvious. Try taking your PC and plugging in IN the bullpen and just be “present.” Walk around and engage and create momentum! Let your team hear how you do things and get the job done. The tone you set will be a good one, and your sales people will appreciate it.

Good Selling!


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