Are You Relevant?

The dictionary defines relevant as “having direct bearing on the matter in hand.” In my work with my clients, I always have people ask themselves that question – and it’s a tough one. In the environment we live and work in, our ability to create relevancy in the minds and hearts of our clients and prospects is paramount. It’s the way we differentiate. My friend and colleague John Baldino, Vice President of Sales and HR at a mortgage company, made a great comment on “Everyone’s in Sales,” my LinkedIn group. “Success today does not mean success tomorrow.” I take this to mean that achieving relevancy is a constant journey and one that cannot ever be abandoned.

7 Rules to Make Sure That You’re Relevant

In sales as in any business, being relevant means your clients, prospects, and colleagues see you as a necessary and important part of their business or virtual team. You are top of mind and you represent a harmony between what your client needs and what you have to offer. Here are seven rules to make sure you are relevant and necessary:

  1. Your solution or offering represents a connective tissue between you and the client’s needs. It’s strong and binding and cannot tear. It’s fluid and stands the test of time. It can stress and flex where and when necessary. It’s obvious that you are relevant.
  2. You make sure that people want to work with you. They seek you out. They see you and your offering as a match to their strategic needs. They know that you get them and their needs.
  3. You make sure that it’s obvious that you have taken the time to be educated and smart about the needs of the market and of your client and prospects. I have said that great sales professionals are always educating. Being able to educate means you are relevant.
  4. You understand and can connect the dots between listening to your client and winning deals. You can’t be relevant if you’re not a good listener. Being relevant equals business success.
  5. You remain pertinent to the client after the deal is done and into the future. You bring consistent value and significance.
  6. You are never satisfied just being relevant. You are always challenging yourself before your clients and colleagues do. One does not ever arrive at final relevancy.
  7. Your offering is congruent with the market and reflects your ability to stay ahead of your competitor.

As I teach all the time, being a sales pro means that you’re the go-to person. Here is another thought on relevancy: Does your phone ring with people wanting your skills? This is a question that applies to us all regardless of what we do or what our jobs are. We all have to rise to a level of relevancy. Are you being sought out for your expertise, knowledge, or services? If not, why not? If so, then it’s a pretty good chance that you – for the moment – are relevant in the eyes of the people who matter. When you prove that you are relevant, you create a level of confidence that is inspiring and motivating to everyone around you. Attaining relevancy is fun, and it keeps things interesting, current, and profitable!

6 thoughts on “Are You Relevant?”

  1. Great article! Very impressed with the 7 rules outlined as it helps to refocus during our daily work processes and realize we need to ‘make a difference’ to our customers overall experience. It’s not all about sales, but about educating and creating a partnership and support process. Todd, another great article and lessons to learn!

  2. Enjoyable read! I periodically reflect on whether or not I am “sought after” by my clients. Today I received two notes from clients asking for my opinion on separate opportunities they were encountering at their companies. It made my day that they trust my insight, but it also challenged me to consider the other clients who I haven’t heard from in a while.

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