Bring on the Skepticism!

It is natural and reasonable for smart business people to be benevolent skeptics. To doubt nicely and in good faith. Doubt is not an insult or an accusation. Doubt is due diligence. Doubt is healthy and responsible and we should respect it because when we are the client, we doubt in good faith too!

What skeptical clients are asking us to do is EDUCATE them – and that is a great opportunity for us. This means the clients are interested and want to say “yes” to us and are asking for our help to do it.  They are also asking for help and helping IS selling.

Educating is about removing those doubts. Some of those doubts may be doubts about us and taking the time to educate people is simply one more way we can build relationships and trust with potential clients. Other doubts might be about who we are: our skills, knowledge, experience, ability, what we offer, what we make, what we do, what results we can deliver.

Doubt is usually a result of the client not understanding everything he or she needs to understand to make a decision with confidence. Doubt
– if you like – is the father of hesitation. When we remove the doubt, we remove the hesitation. And we’ll have happier clients because they will feel comfortable and confident saying “yes” to us.

On the range of objections I will take skepticism any day of the week.  It energizes and makes me want to get in the game.

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