Building a True Community of Sales Professionals.

For many years now, the concept of an online community has grown from dreams to reality. Many different organizations and groups have formed some really amazing communities. I was once part of a great company called Pensare, where the mission was to build communities of MBA candidates getting their degrees online! That was a fun time for me in my professional sales career. We learned much about getting people to be online with peers. Online communities are fun and are a place where real conversations occur in real time and people work together to learn, develop, and grow as professionals. We get better by not being in a vacuum. We get better by working together and seeking counsel and input from fellow sales professionals. I have never stopped learning by seeking your advice. Now we can seek each other’s advice and support on the way to closing the deal!

To make this happen a few things need to occur:

  1. A community obviously needs a group of people who want to learn from peers and other successful people in their field.
  2. A vehicle has to be established for people to be a part of the community – in this case, the BLOG at is such a vehicle
  3. A nonjudgmental atmosphere to share, contribute, and live.
  4. A reason to visit often and contribute and help make the community grow. This part we share together. I will create as many interesting topics as possible. It also takes you to make the community grow by adding your thoughts and questions to the community.

I want to build the best online sales community I can. One that helps salespeople at all stages of their careers be better. This is an exciting time! Tell me what a good sales community looks like to you…and welcome to! I am glad you are here!

Let’s continue the conversation and build our sales community.

1 thought on “Building a True Community of Sales Professionals.”

  1. Todd- your 4 comments are good ones– for me, they are necessary but not sufficient to create a vibrant community. In my experience, the one thing vibrant communities require is a shared commitment to a bold, specific, and explicit compelling future. This gives a reason to visit often and contribute–because it advances the shared commitment. In the heat of our other activities, merely interesting topics as per your item 4 are not enough to hold our interest. If our interest is pinned on genuine shared commitment, then learning, a vehicle, and a non-judgmental atmosphere will all accelerate whatever bold future has been declared.

    For me, the most compelling declaration I have heard you make is that “Everyone is in sales– they just don’t realize it”. You might consider that a sales-oriented blog will only attract people who already identify themselves as salespeople. Perhaps transforming the sales-averse to instinctive sales gurus is a bold enough goal!

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