Can Lawyers Be a Part of a Community of Sales Professionals?

Dear Todd Cohen Sales Community members,

I have been asked several times to share my thoughts on the intersection of the practice of law and the ART of sales! Wow…anyone who has ever met me or has read my stuff knows that I passionately believe that we are ALL in Sales, so my initial “answer” is YES, there is a clear connection. So, rather than just throw my thoughts out here (and you know I have them), I really want to invite the lawyers in my community (yes, you know who you are!) to help on this ever-so-lively topic. Here is one thought starter, with respect to this topic: Is there a difference between “business development” and “sales”? Here is another thought: Does competition for legal dollars create a need for law firms to do a different job of selling rather than business development? Is having a robust trade show schedule sufficient?  How should lawyers “sell” and how should they “develop business”?

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