Coaching vs. Telling

Hello Sales Community, 

Are you in a position to be a coach to someone? The answer is “YES”! It does not matter if you are a  sales manager or an individual contributor.  You can always find an opportunity to coach and offer counsel to other sales professionals in your real and virtual world. I am asked many times about the best way to coach someone.

The first thing that comes to mind is to know the difference between coaching and telling them something. The difference is in delivery and how you “set up” the coaching session. Always begin a coaching session – or as I like to call them “coaching moments” – by asking if you may coach them at that time. If you try and lend some coaching when someone is not ready to listen, then you are just telling them something – and it will not be received in the same way!

Coaching is a two-way conversation, and telling is more directive. Start your coaching sessions the right way and you will see a better result!

Good Selling and Great Coaching!


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