Confidence and Sales Culture

I’m hard at work – and having fun! – writing my next book, Everyone’s in Sales: Now Stop Apologizing and Get What You Need, Want, and Deserve.

The audience for my new book is everybody and especially “non-professional sales people,” those folks who need to sell themselves better but don’t always know how. In the early chapters, I talk about the importance of passion and integrity in selling. In this sneak peek preview, I talk about the importance of confidence:

People feel our confidence just like they feel our passion, and see our integrity in our actions, and like passion and integrity, confidence persuades. Confidence sells. Confidence wins. Confidence is even more powerful than passion, though, because while people feel our passion, they both feel our confidence and can put it to the test. Confidence is even more powerful than integrity, because while integrity assures people we will do the right thing, our confidence tells them we will deliver the right results.

How do people put our confidence to the test? By asking us questions. Hard questions. Smart questions.  Incisive questions.  Challenging questions.  By asking us “show me the money” questions and ones that scare us. By saying, you’ve got my attention. You’ve got my interest. Show me. Convince me. Prove it to me. Close me. Getting what we want, need, and deserve all comes down to that. And it is the most fun we’ll ever have because winning is fun. Going after what we want and getting it is fun. In other words –  sell me.

Maybe that sounds a little hard or a little scary or a little challenging or a little intimidating, but I guarantee all of us can do it. Because confidence isn’t some magic elixir the gods gave some us to drink as babies and everyone else is out of luck. Winning isn’t something that happens to some people and not others and no one knows why. We can build confidence when we need it, we can build winning when we want it, as long as we are ready to do one simple thing.

Now, as you see there is a bit of a cliff hanger here.  I have the end drafted for this AND I would like to know what you think that “one simple thing” is.  If I use your suggestion I will reward you with a complimentary webinar for your organization on sales culture.  All you have to do is send me an email with the tagline: “The One Simple Thing “ to [email protected].  Ready, set, GO!

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