Do You Educate Your Clients and Prospects?


Are you taking every opportunity to educate your clients and prospects? On the other hand, are you just selling to them? There is a significant difference between the two and it is what separates good sales professionals from the great ones. Great sales professionals not only educate but they love to do it. It raises your game and the collective reputation of the sales community when we educate as part of our core mission. And educating clients increases sales!

Our clients do not always understand and appreciate what we are representing. They will have questions, concerns and more questions. Questions are good. This means that there is interest in the product or service you represent. More importantly, it means they want to learn! This is your golden opportunity to educate them and create more value for them in you and what you are selling! Don’t miss those signals.

Educating Clients Builds Relationships and Leads to More Sales!

I have written on this topic and have suggested to the sales community that we need to be thought leaders in what we do. Being a thought leader and then being able to educate your client is a potent and positive one-two punch! When you take the time to educate your clients and really make sure that they understand and embrace your solution, you rise above your competitors and build solid and sustainable trust.

You have the chance to create an unbreakable value proposition about your products and services, which leads to a willingness and desire to do business with you. This trust leads to closed business and repeat business. I once had a colleague ask me “how do you know when you have become successful?” Other then the more obvious answers (money, promotions, etc.), I still remember my answer, which was “when my clients call me to ask my opinion and to help them understand changes in industry”. They are asking me to educate them. That is an honor and a place of great trust. Sales professionals need to take that very seriously and handle that responsibility with care.

The Best Sales People Educate Their Clients

Educating clients is a critical part of being successful and increasing sales. It is also a key element of great sales people. I have heard it said that many sales people are really teachers at heart. I don’t know if that is true or not, but it would certainly make sense. Much of what we do is educating. Teaching and sales are noble professions, so I am perfectly happy with that analogy! If you choose to take on the mantle of being and educator, this is an important step in protecting yourself in the event of some economic slowdown.

Educate with patience, courtesy, generosity and respect. The dividends will be plentiful!

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