Do You Have Your Sales Mojo?

Hello 2008!

I want to welcome the sales community to a new sales year! It has been a few weeks since you have returned to work. Hopefully you have done what you need to to do to get organized to get off to a fast start. I talked with you a few times last year in the weekly columns and blog about making sure you are doing the things that will help you get off to a fast start…doing the tactical things you must do!

This brings me to a question I want to ask my sales community… Do you have your sales mojo? Are you mentally ready to tackle the 2008 plan and hit the (larger) goals? Are you ready to beat back the competition with great selling? Do you feel as if you are IN the game? Are you going to ASK for the order at every step? These are all elements of having your sales mojo!

When you leave for the office or your first client each day, you need to ask yourself a question: “Is my head in the game” or “Do I feel as if I am ahead or behind the curve?” Most importantly, perhaps, is “Do I believe in myself”? This is your sales mojo. The intangible belief and core unshakable knowledge that you are a great sales professional who has prepared and has the confidence to win the game.

Keep doing the tactical things we have discussed here in the blogs, but make sure you have your best sales mojo each and every day. Mental preparation and belief is a huge part of being any professional, and being a great sales professional is no different. Never ever forget that the biggest and best sales tool you have is you.

Keep your mojo up!

Good Selling!


2 thoughts on “Do You Have Your Sales Mojo?”

  1. Todd,

    Nice to see you back in the mix. My Mojo was bursting at the seams in 2007 and now it has unleashed itself in 2k8. My team is fired up and prospecting their way into a great Q1. There Mojo = my Mojo so I am pumped.

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