Does “No” Always Mean “No”?

When does “No” mean “No”? Is “No” always the end of your sales campaign? When you hear “No,” should you pack up and just move to the next client or prospect? Has your network failed you?

I have been thinking about this because lately I have been fielding some interesting calls from the sales community about what to do here. Now, I cannot speak to each of them in great detail because I was not there, but I have always held the firm belief that the word “No” is actually a step forward in closing the sales campaign! Too many sales campaign get mired down, and sometimes we just need to hear “No” to know where we stand – but it does not have to mean that the deal is dead.

In my own experiences, I was usually relieved to hear that word, so then I could begin to work with the client as to what the REAL issues were. Often clients say “No” because there are other issues at play and you need to dig. Don’t get me wrong, some deals just don’t hit, but the sales community knows that that’s why we keep a strong pipeline!

What should you do when you hear the word “No”? LISTEN, ask questions, and then figure out what the client is actually telling you! I offer my suggestions in my weekly column. Please do share your thoughts as well on the blog! We all have turned deals around -how did you do it?

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2 thoughts on “Does “No” Always Mean “No”?”

  1. I often benefit from “No”. No is valuable because it is usually followed by important justification. Important to the prospect, here is where I learn the values and specific needs of my Customer. This is a great place to participate in building a custom solution…Win, Win, WIN!

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