Finance for HR Professionals

“Wow, we really need this!” or “It’s about time” is what people have been saying about Clare Novak’s presentations, EBIT-Duh! Finance for the HR Professional. Based on their enthusiasm, she wrote the book on finance for the HR professional.

Over a thousand HR and Training Professionals have heard the presentation message. Now you can have that message and more. Clare presents tools, cases, and mini quizzes in a conversational tone that will keep you engaged in this “need to know” information so necessary for your professional success.

Everyone can quickly grasp the basics of finance and:

  • Connect the dots between work and the bottom line
  • Understand the value of pennies
  • Make a sound financial case for new initiatives and process improvements
  • Get it – and have fun at the same time.

Click here to learn more about Clare and her book, EBIT-Duh! Finance for the HR Professional.

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