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Dear Sales Community,

I am now officially part of the Twitter world! I have been thinking about joining Twitter and I am now on under the name: SalesLeaderTodd.

Thanks to Joe Stubblebine, the CEO in West Chester, Pa.  Several weeks ago, Joe was the keynote speaker at a meeting of the Innovators Club.  Joe gave a fantastic talk called “Get Your Tweet On;Using Twitter for Personal Branding and Business Development”.  Joe did an excellent job of explaining Twitter and getting us all to see the value of …well…twittering! Thanks, Joe, for a great talk!

So, my fellow sales professionals, please find me on Twitter under the handle SalesLeaderTodd.

Good Selling and Good Twittering!

-Todd a.k.a SalesLeaderTodd

1 thought on “Find Me on Twitter!”

  1. Todd, thanks for the opportunity to speak at the Innovators Club – glad you enjoyed the presentation. I am by no means a Twitter expert, but we’ve had some great success with closing deals and meeting some great new people through this rapidly growing social medium.

    The amazing thing about Twitter is the fact that their traffic has increased by an additional 2 million unique visitors just within the last month of me giving the presentation!

    Your blog readers can follow me at @jobcircle or @joestubblebine – I look forward to getting to know them.

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