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Do you believe in good “sales karma”? I do. I am a firm believer in the old adage “What goes around comes around.” I am writing this blog to the sales community today as a bit of a wake-up call for us all. I just had an interesting conversation with a former colleague who was very excited about a deal that just closed! As she told me more and more about the deal and its structure, it was apparent to me that shortcuts had been taken and that she was looking only at this one deal. Whatever the reasons (pressure to make the numbers, ego, etc), I was really concerned that two things had occurred here. The first is that the deal was not a “win-win.” Secondly, the deal would look less and less appealing to the client as time passed and…you guessed it – no more business, and the possibility of a client who will not speak kindly. “Ugh” on all accounts! I have always said the short-term gain is just not worth it. I learned that the hard way myself much earlier in my sales career.

I think my point here is that doing the right thing by our clients is good karma. It leads to more good things and greater results and success down the road. It reflects well on us as a sales community, and it raises our collective reputation and status. No sales professional wants to hear horror stories from tainted clients about how they have been mislead or hoodwinked by previous deals and reps we don’t even know! The other thing that happens is that clients talk to others and are doing their own networking with other clients and prospects. Word quickly gets out – and that is BAD karma. It stinks to pay for the sins of our predecessors. You don’t have to be a believer in things mystic or spiritual to get this and embrace this idea. The lesson is simple: Just do the right thing, take the high road, and make a deposit into your own bank of “good karma.” The dividends are huge and will continue!

OK, I am off my “good karma soapbox” now! Thanks for listening.

-Good Selling!

2 thoughts on “Good Sales Karma”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Sales people have brought this reputation upon themselves as they focus on chasing deals and using closing pressure to get people to buy. Good sales is about networking, adding value, and making great connections. As a sales person, doing the right thing is always looking to help people out and be a resource. Done right, done effectively, and done without the expectation of a return, there is always a positive payback in the future. Do the right thing people. Be the resource connection and build long-term valued relationships. It is a lot easier than chasing deals and alienating people and it is a lot more endearing.

  2. What goes around, comes around….doing the right thing for your clients, recommending solutions for your clients and not for you, not selling because of the commison selling because of the clients needs.. Building life long relationships, this is why i truley believe I am celebrating my 21st year company Aniverary as a Finacial Security Advisor with Freedom 55 Financial, a divison of London Life Insurance company.
    Sam D Ferrato
    Financial Security Advisor

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