Great Sales Leaders-Part II

The topic of what makes a great sales leader continues and I want to share with you some of the thoughtful and interesting responses I have received through the blog. Each one of these makes you think about your sales leaders and perhaps yourself as a sales leader. Many thanks for every response and I hope we can continue this conversation. It is vital to us as sales professionals.

Ethan Weiss wrote:

“I rely on my leader strategically for coaching and thought leadership around how I lead my internal team….”

Doug O’Connell wrote:

“Sales leaders build trust by exhibiting the highest integrity and sales leaders are fanatical about timely follow up”.

Dave Cooke wrote:

“Great leaders are people who have the confidence, the vision and the commitment to positively impact a team, an organization, or a business. A sales leader does not have to be the best sales performer per se; but, is the one that, when you look at their results, their attitude, their ethic, and their contribution to the organization have established themselves as someone that most people look to for advice, feedback, suggestions, strategies and ideas…”

Jackie M wrote:

“I think that the best sales leader I ever had was from my first job and she was a deeply compassionate person-she always made sure we knew that she cared for us as people”.

Ron Wickline wrote:

“…great leaders inspire with their passion and above all else can articulate a clear vision of what is the company/product goal”.

Tim Sheraden wrote:

“Good listeners are good learners, and good learners are in my experience the best leaders, teachers and mentors”.

Ray Jackson wrote:

“Great leaders create an environment that enable people to be effective and maximize their potential, but to do that, great leaders connect with their organization. It’s that connection that allows leaders to adjust their styles to meet the needs of their organization and be effective in creating that environment”.

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Good Selling!


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