“How Do My Clients See Me?”

Dear Todd Cohen.com Sales Community,

Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself this question?  “How do my clients see me?” It can be a tough one and one you NEED to ask your clients if you are going to have long-term and sustainable relationships that help you create your success.

Much more to the point, this says much about a key part of building a sales culture“How do my clients see me”? That question needs to be constantly asked and evaluated by the sales organization. That question is a differentiator and it is worth asking yourself or, if you are a sales leader, asking your sales teams (possibly as a workshop exercise) at your next team meeting. You might be surprised at the answers. Asking that question also helps you as a sales leader develop the right coaching for the team. As an individual contributor, it helps you shape your interactions with your clients so you are serving them as best as you can.

Finally, I know that, as sales leaders, you all know that you need to own some level of relationship with as many clients as possible for many different reasons.  Ask them when you can…“How do you see us?”  This dialog that results can be healthy and allow pathways to develop deeper relationships and lead to more business. You show yourself as rising above the transactional fray. You demonstrate your (deeper) interest in your clients and what is important to them.

As always, let me know what you think!

Good Selling!


1 thought on ““How Do My Clients See Me?””

  1. Sounds like a survey that should be conducted by Marketing and provided as feedback through Sales management.

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