I Am Back!

Dear Todd Cohen Sales Community,

Hello! I am back and ready to blog! Thanks to all of you in the ToddCohen.com Sales Community who were sending me emails and calling to see where I was! In short, I learned the hard way that moving and keeping up with your blogging is not easy!

Some updates:

  • The new ToddCohen.com is about a month away and I am sure you will like it! Many of you have offered great insight and thoughtful suggestions I thank you! Please keep the ideas coming.
  • I am holding off on my next newsletter until the new ToddCohen.com is ready. Stay tuned.
  • I am busy writing my next white paper titled “Creating Great Sales Cultures.” I am sure you will enjoy it, and if you are a sales professional who owns the fun job of creating a sales team, you will want to read this paper.

Keep reading the new blogs and continue to let me and your fellow ToddCohen.com sales community members hear from you. You keep this alive.

Talk to you soon!

Good Selling!


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