I Am Pissed Off

Do I have your attention? The reason I am…ahem…annoyed is that I have had it with the carping and complaining of some “salespeople” in certain professions moaning and groaning because the market is bad now. I cannot believe the way some salespeople have become so entitled the last few years and have actually forgotten how to sell! Things have come much too easily, and now that the market has turned, everyone feels helpless! Get a grip. I mean right now! No one is entitled to permanent success, and it’s time to get tough. Stop telling me how crappy everything is. Start telling me what you are going to do about it!

Sales is cyclical and there will always be ups and downs. I hate to sound cliched, but now is the time to find out what you are made of as a sales professional. If the market is bad and business is not there, you have a choice: get out or make something happen. Now is the time to be creative, get resourceful, and use your own street smarts to find a way to make the business happen. I read the news as well. It ain’t easy now – welcome to sales and, for that matter -life.

I have been a sales pro for 24 years and have lived through my fair share of economic ups and downs, and I am still here. Yes, I have also complained at times. Yes, I felt sorry for myself as well from time to time. I survived. Many of the amazing sales pros I have worked with are still here as well. Why? We found a way to get creative, proactive, developed “out of the box” thinking, and found a way to inspire our reticent clients to buy. If you don’t have enough clients, go and find them. Move your chair from the fax machine. I can’t think of any sales professional who made the plan by complaining about how bad the economy is. The time spent complaining could be spent prospecting. Clients are still out there, and they need to buy. We might have to work harder.

Have you called all of your stalled prospects to see if you can reinvigorate a sales campaign? (Hint: Do not call them until you have something new and unique for them). Have you thought about new offerings of products, services, or financing to stimulate new conversations with prospects? It is not uncommon for prospects to be on the sidelines because they have heard something in the news that has scared them into not buying…and they need some reality and education from you to get them thinking again! This is very common. Your job as a member of this profession is to find a way to get through all of the noise and confusion we are exposed to in the news!

The sales community is made up of amazing people like you – get out and show everyone and yourselves that you can weather the “storm.” Selling is an art and you can raise your game. Now get out and sell!

Good Selling!


10 thoughts on “I Am Pissed Off”

  1. Amen! It seems that most of these complaints come from those who found success when it was easy and do not know how to work it when things are tough. I love a creative, energetic, passionate sales pro. Dear Sales Pros, if you think that things are too tough–do something else. Sales is about making things happen not having things go your way. Thanks Todd!

  2. Todd, thanks for an inspiring wake-up-call!

    I plan on using this on my team to make sure everyone is properly focused from the year-to-go perspective. It’s been interesting to see this week who came back from the holiday strong, hitting the streets for relevant conversations and asking for the sale, versus those who came back more complacently.

    It’s obviously a time of year full of distractions. It will be the performers who commit the “extra 5 %” – who make the one extra trip a week and / or phone call a day, who leave no stone unturned in the pipeline, and who hold themself and everyone around them accountable to the higher bar set in the article – who will ultimately be successful.

    I’ll ensure everyone on my team has a copy of this article in their “Year To Go” folder moving forward. Thanks!

  3. Todd-

    I am the CEO of a small company-and your commentary here is a home run-I am frustrated with my sales management giving me excuses and whining-maybe you can help us see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    Thanks for the motivation!

  4. Thanks for the pep talk! I need that form time to time. Yes, we are experiencing a downturn in every market, I am in educational sales, but just like anything else, it is cylical. As old professors leave colleges, they have to be replaced. I try to start there when prospecting for new business. Also, people remember, sales is not only how you sell and remain accoutable for your product and services, but also, word of mouth. Referrals! Sales is a relationship building process and if you have good relationships those relationships will recommend and include you into other relationships.

  5. “The time spent complaining, could be spent prospecting.”

    Thank you, Todd! Your post came at the perfect time for me – really, there just are no excuses.

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