Increase Your RPi (Relationship Portability Index)

If you have a great relationship portability index (RPi), your network and your virtual team grows and grows. Another way to think of this is: Your relationships are “platform neutral.” The ultimate question is: Can you leverage your existing relationships to act as a part of your virtual sales team? Can they be part of your virtual team even if they do not have the ability or need to buy from you as they have done in the past?

What is your RPi? Try this exercise. Make a list of all of your business relationships. Then rate them on this handy PDF worksheet.

  1. Reliable and Available. They will always refer you, and they believe in you as a selling professional. They will make it a priority to introduce you to people in their organization without question. They are consistently available to you and are strong advocates for you as a sales professional and as a business professional.
  2. Available but not Reliable. They are available and will take your call and refer you, but not without some concern. Not consistently reliable to be a part of your virtual team. Personal trust may be an issue.
  3. Neither Reliable nor Available. They see you as just a part of their business and not at all extendable.
  4. Nonexistent. These are people you know – maybe from a community organization or your social group – that you have never thought of as a possible business associate. These are RP possibilities waiting to happen.

A sales culture is powered by the virtual team and, by extension, your RPi. The virtual team is powered by your RPi. Make no mistake – if you can transport and leverage your business relationships with you throughout your professional career, you have a high degree of RP and the potential to be more successful is obvious. If not, you will become stuck as you change and grow and find yourself starting over often.

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