Sales Culture and Accountability: It’s About the Behavior

As a sales professional who’s developing a sales culture, what do you expect from your colleagues? Are they shaped by your expectation that they are part of a sales culture and accountable to the client and to one another? Do you engage, motivate, and inspire others in the organization to be part of sales campaigns?

A successful sales culture clearly lives and breathes on the expectation of and accountability for virtual team members’ behaviors. It is critical that all members demonstrate behaviors that support the campaign and ultimately serve the client.

A sales professional who demonstrates effective behaviors with clients can, in turn, set the expectation that the virtual team will adopt those behaviors.

Thinking in terms of a behavior as an expectation may be a new concept for a sales professional. Often, expectations in a sales career are expressed in terms of numbers. Sales professionals are often rewarded for selling a certain number of units or adding a dollar amount to the company’s bottom line. It’s critical that we never forget that making the numbers and building the sales culture is formed and determined by the behaviors that we seek and display!

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