Knowing That You Have a Strong Sales Culture

So how do you know that you have a strong and vibrant sales culture? Indications of your strengths include many tangibles, such as stakeholder retention, super-engaged employees, new sales referrals, better-qualified sales professionals, and increasing revenue.

Employees and customers remain where they feel satisfied and a part of the culture. They will work together to solve problems and appreciate each other’s contributions and value. They will innovate together, providing input to your company’s next strategy. They will collaborate and impact company successes.

As customers tend not to leave you, they contribute to your efficiencies since you do not incur the cost of replacing them. They also sell for you through referrals as they provide your best testimonials.

Employees also stay because they are satisfied as recognized contributors to the creation of value. Everyone has a pipeline of customers, some internal and some external, but the customer-centric mindset is prevalent in all activity and initiatives. This pipeline of customers actually defines the critical path of one’s contribution to the objectives and goals of the organization. Employees are all able to tell you what their critical path is for impacting a customer and a sale. They also understand each other’s pipelines and roles and how they contribute to organizational objectives and goals. The matrix of cross-functional activity is understood by all. All members have energy and passion for the value of their individual roles and contributions to the pattern and fabric of the organization. Each can clearly and simply articulate the value proposition of your company. Customers don’t hear a different message from different people with whom they interact.

You will also attract better, more qualified and accomplished sales professionals. These people value winning situations. They recognize that the joint collaborative work of all stakeholders cannot fail.

Revenue will increase because you have introduced a level of stability into your workflow, which maximizes synergies and overcomes obstacles with a flexibility to accommodate changes, and, therefore, contribute to closing sales.

And finally, the customer is perceived to be king and everyone knows it!

Are your customers considered royal?

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