Line of Sight

Can you see revenue?  Can you see profits?

Seriously – regardless of what job you do – you must be able to be able to specifically and absolutely trace what you do to the client saying “yes” and signing a deal.  This is the true essence of building a Sales Culture and creating amazing virtual teams.

In other words, you must have a “line of sight” to the deal!

I have said and written many times that the most basic element of a sales culture is that “everyone is in sales.” It’s true – everything we do and every interaction is a selling situation. You have the amazing and exciting opportunity to make what you do a vital part of the sales campaign – or not.

In the organization, we all have a job to do, and ultimately it all has an eventual and downstream effect on the client making a purchase and revenue being delivered to your company! No one can or should sit in a silo and profess any lack of interest or understanding of how the role that he or she plays in the creation of business and profits. If you embrace this, then it is easy to see what you do can actually accelerate the sales campaign in many ways.

For example, if you are in finance, you have the chance to work with the sales team and the client to create terms that are acceptable to both parties and close the deal.  If you are in marketing, you are in an exquisite position to see and listen to the clients and produce products and services that they will buy!

So, take a breath, and ask yourself – “can I see the revenue”?

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