Momentum Is KING

Dear Sales Community:

Q3 is here…yes, it has snuck up on us, and now we have to keep the momentum strong. It is now more important than ever that we each hold ourselves accountable for keeping up the momentum. If we are to leverage what we have started and finish the year at or above plan, we need to keep the momentum strong. Great sales leaders leverage the positive and at the same time ratchet things up.

Momentum is KING.
How can we keep up the momentum?

  • Increase your field travel where possible and cost effective. You will accelerate more deals by being in the field as much as possible. This is excellent coaching time – in real time. Prioritize your field travel to see more clients at the bottom of the funnel than those at the top. Walk away with orders.
  • Drive CRM usage. The need to leverage CRM is increasing. Your plan and review sessions, your coaching, and your client conversations will need to be underwritten by the data in the CRM, not exclusive of it. Your job gets easier over time.
  • Increase use of your virtual team. Don’t do it all by yourself!
  • Develop at least one new solutions opportunity per month!
  • Ask more questions and dig deeper with your reps and your clients. Dont be invasive – be helpful and create and environment where you help people think critically and discover answers. Ask “why” more.
  • Managers – Do your second-half “reviews” NOW.
  • Make sure you are demonstrating a sense of urgency in everything you do.
  • Do not accept mediocrity.

I am sure that you have good ideas about how to keep the momentum going. Now is a great time to put them into play and give yourself and your sales team all of the momentum you need to go to the end of the year and beyond.

Let me know how I can help.

Good Selling!

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