My Close Rate is 100%. Here is how.

Do you think you need a reason to visit someone? You don’t. More than ever, you should plan to see people you have not seen because of COVID. The only reason you need it is that it is the RIGHT thing to do. Every relationship you have is one step away from being a distant memory if you don’t start planning “agenda-free” calls. Relationships are currency and then need constant investment, nurturing, and respect. 

Newsflash: ZOOM does not replace the extreme value of meeting with people face to face. Not now. Not ever. If you think differently, you are in for a rude awakening. Assuming a virtual meeting is good enough is a very bad assumption.

There is an enormous fallacy of “relationship sustenance” that has taken root in our post COVID world. That fallacy is that if we can “see” someone, it is as good as being there. That is fundamentally wrong. We cannot get lulled into thinking that we can keep the same depth and authenticity of our relationships virtually. If you do this in the name of saving money or squeezing more onto your day, then you are committing yourself to a path of risking everything. 

Relationships are not a quantitative exercise. Instead, they are a qualitative experience.

 I will take one excellent live call-in person over a series of ZOOM calls where both parties are distracted, not totally present, and already thinking ahead to the next task. Assuming that it’s more than that is lazy, complacent, and will cause havoc down the line. Don’t bet against me on this.

Consider this – people are sick and tired of being online. The person who takes the high road and asks for a meeting will be remembered much more than the one who is just another in a long line of ZOOM meetings in a day, week, or month.

Todd Cohen, CSP, has been inspiring and motivating audiences for over 12 years, teaching them to sell themselves to achieve goals and incredible success. His sales culture keynotes and workshops are in demand from audiences from every background, including salespeople! Delivering approximately 85 appearances every year worldwide, Todd leaves people with a story to tell and feeling great about themselves! You can book him at:

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