My Interview on Career TV a.k.a. Networking at Work!

Recently I was interviewed by CareerTV, an excellent Web site devoted to young people understanding how to successfully navigate the world of job hunting and securing that first job! They have an amazing amount of information and timely content.

I was approached a few months ago by one of their producers, Melissa Uhniat, about doing a piece on the importance of “closing the order”. I was flattered by the offer and appreciate their interest in my thoughts on this topic. I am happy to share my interview with the Sales Community! I hope you find it helpful and informative.

Please make sure you check out CareerTV! It is a very well done and informative venue on everything you need to know about getting and succeeding at your job!

To see the actual interview, click here!

Thank you to Melissa and the folks at CareerTV for allowing me to share my passion!

Good Selling and Great Closing!


P.S. I want to take this chance to once again reinforce the importance of networking. I met Melissa at a local networking function – she said “hello” to me when she happened to hear me tell a colleague I used to work at Xerox. It turns out Melissa’s father was the General Manager of the first branch I worked in! You just never know who you will meet where! Keep Networking! Great sales professionals never stop.

3 thoughts on “My Interview on Career TV a.k.a. Networking at Work!”

  1. Todd —

    This is AMAZING! It captures some of your most compelling ideas and is well done, professional and even entertaining.

    It gives a stunning impression of you — congratulations!

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