No Thank You

Dear Sales Community,

Are you tired of hearing the excuse that the economy is THE reason for deals not getting done? Is this the first thing you hear when you are asking your sales reps? Is this the first thing you find yourself saying when asked why this deal or that deal have not closed?

Here is my response to to the “it’s the economy”: “No thank you, I choose not to participate in the recession.”

We as sales professionals have a choice. We can give in or fight back. If you have a service that a client needs, then they will do business. If the deal stalls, then get creative and make it irresistible for the client to get serious and sign. Clients have money that they can and in some cases need to spend. You as a sales professional have to do the discovery and due diligence to find a way to close the deal.

I am not selling “easy.” The economy is a bear, and it will have an effect. I am simply saying that you can choose not to participate in it.

Hope you enjoyed this entry – I had fun writing it.

Good Selling!


1 thought on “No Thank You”

  1. Hey Todd, I hope you are well~ I like this bit of advice. I am so tired of hearing about the how the economy effects things. You cannot let it rule what you do and what you are passionate about selling! I stay positive every single day, and some may say that I am not a realist, but I truly believe that if a sales person stays determined and creative, they will sell their product. Trust me, I am not saying that it is easy right now, and I am not saying that every single person wants the particular product I have, but you better believe I am giving every customer 100% of my attention. You never know who they may tell about their experience.
    You will be happy to know that we are still selling…….
    See you around the Square!

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