Old School and Proud of It

Dear Todd Cohen Sales Community,

Earlier today, I received an out-of-office notice that ended with the following phrase “and here is my number if anyone actually still uses a phone.” I laughed hard, and then I stopped to think about the irony of that. With the advent – wait, the ONSLAUGHT – of social media and all of the tools available to us to be visible and develop sales, the basics might be overlooked! I admit it. I am on Twitter (SalesLeaderTodd) and Facebook and Ping and Linked In and the list goes on. I have tried to leverage technology as much as possible and enjoy it. I love this stuff! However, I use these tools selectively to communicate, network, and create visibility.

Great. Or is it? Despite all of this stuff, I want to be a beacon for not forgetting the best way to connect and create sustainable relationships. This is how sales are made. Sales professionals use all of the tools available to them, but at the same time still do the following:

  1. Call clients and prospects. When was the last time you sat down to write an email and stopped and just picked up the phone and called? I have always said people are only “10 digits away”. Voice is a wonderful thing. Use yours!
  2. Hand write a thank-you note. Enough said.
  3. Networking should always be LIVE and IN PERSON when possible. People remember people, not another Tweet or Linked In note.
  4. People get overwhelmed with email – the likelihood of yours being read diminishes every day.
  5. Don’t text clients as a first action. Texting has a place with certain people at the right time.
  6. Don’t hide behind technology – use to to enhance what you do and who you are!

Does this make me old school or render me out of touch? Nope. I have learned to balance everything I have at my disposal and I have never forgotten than I am dealing with people, not a computer, my Blackberry, or my cell phone. People rule. Don’t forget that.

People sign sales contracts and issue purchase orders and come to your networking eventsSales culture is not serendipitous and sales results are not accidental.

Bottom line: Great sales professionals develop success by developing awesome relationships.

As always, let me know what you think!

Good selling!


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