Persistence Pays Off

I think at this time of the year, it’s time to make sure that you are being persistent about closing business. Not that you should be less persistent any other time of the year, but now we have to make the plan, and there is little time left to do it! We have bonuses and commissions to earn, and I hate to think we as a sales community are leaving any money on the table. That’s just not acceptable!

I am reminded of a story about what a very good rep I used to have on one of my own teams did to close an order he needed to make the plan. He had been working with a client all year and doing many of the right things. Understanding needs, delivering value proposals, and asking for the order. The buying signals were all there, but no order. The client went “radio silent.” Rather than walk away and make excuses as to why the order did not close, this rep did something very basic and simple. He went to the client’s location for 3 days straight and sat in the lobby until he saw him. He approached and asked for 5 minutes…and 20 minutes later, he walked out with the order.

Why did he get it? It’s simple, really. He built a good relationship with the client. They trusted each other. This made it all the more frustrating when he went “radio silent.” This sales rep trusted himself, the value of his offering, and the relationshiphe had built enough to be persistent and wait it out – literally! The client was apologetic and in fact had some personal issues that put the order on the back burner.

Now, I want to be clear to the sales community – I am NOT suggesting that we stalk our clients and prospects! I am suggesting that we be professionally persistent when appropriate because we don’t actually KNOW what is holding up our order! I have written and said many times that it usually has little to do with what we are offering. People are overworked and way too busy, and we get brushed aside for a time.

Stay tuned for more anecdotes from my sales career on unique and funny ways to get attention and get your order closed! Better yet, what have you done to close an order? Share it with the sales community.

Don’t leave money on the table.

Good Selling and Good closing!


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