“Everyone’s in Sales; Mastering the Sales Mindset”



I am pleased to announce my third book on Sales Culture!

Everyone’s in Sales; Mastering the Sales Mindset”

A perfect companion to “Everyone’s in Sales” and “Stop Apologizing and Start Selling,” this will present a deep dive into erasing the fear of sales by embracing a sales mindset! It’s a must-have for your business and life library.

The expected delivery is by 02.15.23

For orders over $150, please use coupon code “toddspeaks” for a 20% discount!

…. I picked up a copy of Todd Cohen’s new book Mastering the Sales Mindset. I could not put it down and plan to purchase more copies for our teams. The information was good for business but also life! I particularly appreciated Todd’s thoughts on vulnerability and presence…Highly recommended!”


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