Prospecting for Quality Business

Dear Sales Community,

Are you prospecting and creating quality business? In other words, are you bringing business to the able that is profitable, actionable, and is a win-win for both parties? Let me suggest that as we go forth and prospect and develop business, always ask yourself, “Is this good business?” Does it make business sense? Can my company deliver it and make a profit? Will it stand out as business that the company can act on and deliver? These are all good questions that great sales professionals constantly challenge themselves with.

It is true that we can get caught between bringing any business to the table and knowing when to bring forth the right business. The pressure to make numbers is intense. Use that focus and energy you bring as sales professionals to making sure that you are surfacing the best business you can.

In the end, your client will be the winner!

Good Selling!


1 thought on “Prospecting for Quality Business”

  1. Integrate these questions into your “qualifying” process to bring profitable opportunities into the pipeline and increase your close ratio.

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