Quality vs. Quantity

Dear Todd Cohen Sales Community,

Which do you think is better? Quantity of sales calls or the quality of sales calls? As one who was raised (in sales) in a time when we were strictly measured against metrics, one might say that making many calls is the most important thing. Make as many calls as you can and you will be successful. I do agree that activity is critical and a key part of being a successful sales professional! In fact, in the world of sales management, this is still very important – making sure that your team is keeping activity high. That has not changed.

However, times have changed in some ways. In many cases, what we sell has gotten more complex and more challenging. We have to work harder to get to the right person, and it takes time and patience to build the right relationship and advance a complex sales campaign. This in and of itself means much more than making many calls. It means making the right calls. It means making calls that are of high quality to the right people; that we resonate with our clients and prospects, and we come away with concrete action items. In this case, it is not just about making many calls, it is about using our time and our clients time wisely.

Please do not stop making calls and keeping the activity high. This is still the lifeblood of a sales professional! Please do think about the quality of the calls and how much making the right calls will accelerate the sales cycle.

As always, let me know what you think.

Good Selling!


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