Reinvention is Key to All Success. Get Started!

Feeling stale?  Like its groundhog day and everything is the same?  If you are feeling like this, then its probably true and you better make some changes and fast.

It’s a hard and  judgemental world and people have less time time and tolerance.  This means that we need to stay fresh and reinvent what we do, our messages and ourselves as often as needed.  The access we have to information is unprecedented and if you are not reinventing to be the purveyor of information then you are going to be seen as yesterday’s news.  But, don’t fret!  Reinvention is fun and the best part is none can  say “no” to you, or “you can’t do” this or “you’re not allowed to freshen up” and create a new “you”.  Its entirely up to you to decide who you want to be and how you want to share your message.

The key to reinventing is understanding that you have the ability and the right to take the mantle as it were. People who reinvent have a passion and belief around and idea and they execute on it.  The only person who can tell you you are wrong is you.  So what are you waiting for?  Reinvention is the perfect opportunity to be as creative as you want and you get to call the shots.

In my world as a professional speaker, I always look for new ways to reinvent and refresh my message.  The core is still the same as I truly believe that it’s a rock solid message – we are all in sales.  The way I choose to deliver that message – the stories, the anecdotes and most importantly the feedback from my clients gives me a constant stream of new thinking and material from which to reinforce and reinvent the message.  From there I find inspiration to create new messages and ideas that strengthens my personal and professional brand.  Every time I deliver a keynote or workshop there is something new and fresh in it.  In fact every so often I completely reset and rewrite my entire keynote.  Its the BEST experience and I feel like I have a new career again. Then once you reinvent – you need to sell it.  get out and let people know you have something wonderful to say and don’t apologize for it.

A key to reinvention is to listen very carefully to what your clients, prospects colleagues and coworkers tell you. Its usually unfettered and honest.  if you listen to this feedback in an open and non defensive manner you will find the road to reinvention right in front of you.  You dont have to do the heavy lifting.  You have to take in what is being served to you and use it wisely.  Every word of feedback is positive if it helps you reinvent and make something new come alive.

One more thing…reinvention is a  permanent condition.  You don’t get to do it once and then not again. Just sayin’.  Get out and reinvent.  You will be happy you did.  I promise.

Thanks for listening.


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  1. Todd, you note two truths, you must constantly monitor, adjust and reinvent while at the same time holding true to what makes you who you are and a great salesperson, i.e staying positive, always trying to help your clients, prospects and friends, networking and learning and educating. Well written, and happy 4th! Jerry

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