Sales AND Marketing – It’s AND not VS.

Dear Sales Community,

I was in a meeting yesterday with a client, and we were having a spirited and engaging conversation around the topic of sales and marketing working as a team. Now to great sales professionals, this is a basic tenet of our job. To be a great sales culture, Sales and Marketing need to be aligned, on the same page, in sync, or whatever saying you prefer – you get the idea.

Wait, not everyone does, though…. The conversation yesterday was with people who DO get it, but I am still amazed at the people who can’t get this fact and think that Sales and Marketing is actually Sales vs. Marketing. It’s NOT. Wake up! We are on the same team. Sales Culture means people and teams aligned and working collaboratively. No silo and no separation. We need each other, and together we make the sales culture stronger. So, the real message here: We as sales professionals need to always think “and” not “vs.” We raise our game as sales professionals by embracing this.

We will be talking more about this topic in the next few weeks, and in the next newsletter we will be having Eric David from Team David Associates as a guest contributor. Stay tuned!

Good Selling AND Marketing!


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