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What Is Sales Culture? It's not sales training.

It's sales mindset and behavior, and it's for everyone. It's transformative.

"No one wakes up one day and decides to be overhead." People want to know how they matter. Show them how everything they do impacts a client's decision to do business with you – and you've built a Sales Culture.

To put it in "business-speak," Sales Culture is an environment where everyone's in sales, the sales process is transparent to the entire organization, and the people in your organization understand how what they do helps customers say "yes" to your company. And where you are profitable!

Building a culture encouraging everyone to see how their job impacts the client will produce a happier client, a more productive working environment, job security, and more revenue.

Sales Culture helps organizations of all sizes improve results – and sales training "return on investment" – immediately, increase overall performance in the mid-term, and develop your long-term "sales culture" to boost your whole team's capabilities to generate revenues, profitability, and growth.

Sales Culture encompasses specific beliefs and behaviors that, when integrated into the fabric of an organization, revolutionize your ability to connect with your prospects, clients, customers, donors, and funders, all in service of maximizing your revenue.

What Results can Building a Sales Culture deliver?

Todd's Sales Culture methodology can help you:

  • Create profitable transparency across your entire organization by breaking down destructive "silos."
  • Show how every single employee and associate contributes daily and becomes a more significant asset to the business!
  • Enhance hiring effectiveness and selling behaviors based on your goals and objectives by showing how we all "sell" every day.
  • Benefit from efficient, company-wide communications.
  • Watch revenue grow for both new and existing products and services.
  • Get MUCH more from your sales, business development, or relationship management teams.
  • Retain your best people by allowing them to develop a meaningful purpose!

Sales Culture Keynote Programs

Todd Cohen can deliver a powerful Sales Culture Keynote or Workshop that will help your organization manage, leverage, and profit from new sales behaviors throughout your organization, increasing results and revenue.

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