The Silent Selling Tool We All Have.

Selling is something we all do and it’s present in every conversation we have.   Every conversation is a selling moment and I’ve been speaking about this for years.  There is another selling tool that every one of uses every day.  We use it every day more than conversation and for the most part I don’t think that we have an active realization of how critical this selling tool is to us and our very success.  Curious as to what it is?  Here you go:


Presence is much more than you being physically present.  It means how you present yourself in every situation you are in. It’s how you decide HOW you want people to see you and if you want them to respect you. It’s how you show up and engage people.  Presence is how people perceive you as being interested and in the game.  Your ability to demonstrate your presence is a silent selling tool and it is all too often underestimated and it is a skill that is just not respected.  Yes, you have to respect yourself enough to be present.  Your presence creates an indelible impression on others and profoundly influences their very desire to engage, work with you, buy you and from you. If you are present and can show it, then I am going to work with you and be your customer.  It’s that simple.

So what is this thing I am calling “presence”? It is not just one thing that you do – it’s a combination of behavior, body language and appearance just to name a few.  Let me elaborate:

Presence means much more than just being physically there. It means that you are showing that you want to be there.  Its showing you are emotionally connected. An emotional connection is your way of showing that this is a good use of your time and you are ready to be engaged and contribute! Being present means you can show you are enthusiastic versus bored.  In my keynotes and workshops I see people who are present all the time and it makes a difference to the rest of the class.

Presence is body language.  Eye contact, listening skills, and how you sit and show your interest is monumental to your presence and subsequently your success. If you are attending a class or seminar, how you sit and show you are paying attention screams volumes. If you are sitting in a colleagues cube or office, or in a meeting with a client or your manager, how you present yourself through your body language means a great deal to the perception that you are or are not interested.  Making it obvious that you are engaged is crucial.  Thinking others don’t see you is a mistake and we DO see that you want to look at your email more than be present.

Presence is being self-aware.  Highly successful people are highly aware of how they are acting; their overall behavior and they they are being seen and perceived at all times.  They make their ability to be present work for them!  Being proactively aware of your presence means you are in control and can make success happen.

Presence is how you put yourself together.  Remember “dress for success”?  Well it never stopped being important.  Looking good means feeling good and that screams presence.  You don’t need to spend a lot to look great and it will have a really good impact on your presence and your job performance.

Presence is Attitude.   The difference between a good attitude versus a bad one is obvious about how it affects those around you.  Enough said.

Your presence screams everything about you and how you want people to see you.  Don’t ever underestimate how your presence telegraphs a message to who you are with.  Being present is enthusiasm, passion and positive energy.  Leaders are always present and followers are not. Which are you?

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