Dear Sales Community,

I love my coffee (yes, I do actually drink decaffeinated). Yes, this post has virtually nothing to do with sales, and I don’t care. I was finishing my walk this morning and stopped into my regular Starbucks to get my large decaf coffee. I refuse to say the words “venti” or whatever. Anyway, I am amazed that people can ask for a drink that’s at least 16 different words and do it with straight face. I am equally amazed that the people behind the counters can repeat it and that it gets made correctly. So, I began to think about how these people who work at Starbucks might really be good salespeople.

They listen carefully. They take the orders cheerfully. They ask questions and make sure that they understand. They repeat some long-winded drink order that requires a dictionary, and they do it with a smile! They are client-centric and want to satisfy the patrons, no matter how ridiculous the drink order. They keep a straight face when they have to ring up a drink that costs an amazing 4 or 5 bucks (what’s wrong when I have to decide between a drink and a gallon of gas?). They keep focused on the client while that same 5-dollar drink earns them a measly 3-cent tip. They stay focused on the client and do it with style. Yep, sales culture at work right before my eyes.

Ya know what? This is about sales. These folks who work at Starbucks are living and demonstrating sales culture. They are great members of the sales community!

Good Selling and Good Tipping!


3 thoughts on “Starbucks”

  1. So I’m always amazed at the translation that takes effect at Sbucks. One orders a “medium iced americano” and the service person translates your order into their system as “iced grande americano”….it’s ALWAYS the same.

    This process of translating and organizing must be key to them handling volume, quality control, etc – even though it’s a bit industrial when you really just want a medium coffee not a grande drip!

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